Montag, 26. März 1917 – Kriegsgefangenenpost

Auch 1917 erhielt Joseph Fischer Post von kriegsgefangenen Kollegen (?) aus England (vgl. die Beiträge vom 7. Januar, 26. August und 24. Oktober 1916). Willy Güllberg, interniert in Lofthouse Park, hatte ihm am 26. März 1917 folgendes nach St.Gallen geschrieben:

Lofthouse Park, Wakefield, York. Engl. 26/III. i7. Dear Fisher, I hope your first letter was not the last one from you. Else needn’t write such big letters as she ist not yet in good health. You can save her the trouble by simply mentioning her little affaires in your own letters and by telling me how many Frs are left with Mr. Birkenmeyer and with the Bankverein for me and her; and what she had paid off for me; that’s all, anything else hardly interes to me [sic], as I am studying rather much. It seems that old Probst has paid Else what he owed me but [«I» gestrichen] she didn’t tell me how many Francs she got from him! She ought to write you twice a week (a simple postcard, it is nonsense writing me on the stationery of Papa’s firm. pure [sic] waste nowadays. Enclosed letters are not desirable, send them separately. Wi [?] 2490 Willy Gullberg [sic].

Auf der anderen Seite der Postkarte ist als Absender angegeben: Willy Güllberg 2490 Lofthouse Park Wakefield. York Eng. 

Quelle: Staatsarchiv St.Gallen, W 207, Album „Aus den Kriegszeiten“ (Brief eines Kriegsgefangenen aus England an Joseph Otto Ferdinand Fischer (1892-1967) in St.Gallen)